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In November our Chair Claire Twells…

In November our Chair Claire Twells sent out a rallying cry for help with a Charity Collection for Revive of toiletries and children’s toys. The response was overwhelming and most of Claire’s evenings and weekends in December were spent collecting or sorting through and organising the amazing donations. The result of the donations has been felt by so many and it was estimated that we collected over £15,000 worth of toiletries and £20,000 worth of toys and clothes for children in desperate and underprivileged families. Here are a few of the replies and thanks we have had from the families.

“There’s nothing I can say that can explain the amount of happiness you have brought to my family. None of my children were particularly excited about Christmas this year. Usually by this time my tree is surrounded by all the presents that I’ve bought so far. But this year there was 3 presents sat there. So when suddenly these bags and bags of presents arrived, oh the feeling in my house was indescribable. I’ve never ever seen my kids so happy. They were sat on the floor going through the bags and passing around the presents to the right person, counting how many they had. Oh my, I haven’t stopped smiling.

“And the food boxes!! I wasn’t expecting those at all, what an absolutely massive help that has been, I was so shocked. I think my jaw was on the floor for hours after. There was just so many bags! And then when I checked the tag on the last bag and saw it was for me, well the tears that I’d held in so far just came spilling out. I couldn’t believe it; I really honestly can’t believe the absolute kindness we’ve been shown this year.

“I hope you know just how amazing you are, and all the people that work with you to do this for other people. I hope you understand just how truly, honestly, you have made our Christmas. You have made my children so happy, and so excited. It actually feels like Christmas now. My kids have been buzzing around all day just on a complete high, feeling the presents and trying to guess what they’ve got. Trying to convince me to let them open one early. Oh it’s just the best atmosphere right now, I really can’t describe it. Thank you, thank you so much. You’re all amazing, wonderful people and I am so grateful.

“I applied for Universal Credit at the end of October. I still haven’t received a payment. Apparently, I needed to verify my identity and they never told me that. I have now submitted a claim and expect my first payment at the end of January. I therefore have nothing to live on and no presents for the kids. I’m literally at breaking point. Your support has literally saved our Christmas, I’m so relieved I have tears running down my face, thank you so much for everything. You are all angels and I am beyond grateful. Thank you so much.”

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2020 in November our chair        2020 in November our chair

2020 in November our chair        2020 in November our chair